Cross Roller Slewing Bearing

  • Single Row Cross Roller Slewing Ring Turntable Bearing (HJ Series)

    Single Row Cross Roller Slewing Ring Turntable Bearing (HJ Series)

    The single-row cross-roller slewing bearing consists of two rings, with compact structure, high manufacturing accuracy, small assembly clearance, and high requirements for installation accuracy. It can bear overturning moment and large radial force and it is widely used in transportation, construction machinery and military products.
    There are two basic working modes: 1. The inner ring fixes , and the outer ring rotates; 2. The outer ring fixes and the inner ring rotates. The raceways of the slewing bearing are all treated by surface induction hardening, and the quenching hardness is guaranteed to be HRC55~62, which can achieve sufficient hardened layer depth.
    Slewing bearing is usually made with internal teeth, external teeth or no teeth. The heat treatment of gears is generally normalized or quenched and tempered. The tooth surface can also be quenched according to the user's requirements, the quenching hardness is HRC50-60, and sufficient depth can be guaranteed. Teeth grinding is also supported.

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  • Single Row Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (11 Series)

    Single Row Cross Roller Slewing Bearing (11 Series)

    The single row cross roller slewing bearing is made of two seat rings. It is featured with compact structure, light weight, high manufacturing accuracy, small assembly gap and high requirement for installation accuracy. Rollers are 1:1 cross- arranged through spacers. It can bear axial force, overturning moment and large radial force at the same time. Compared with ball slewing ring, the axial and radial clearance of the cross roller slewing ring is smaller than single row ball slewing bearing. While the rotating is not so flexible as the single row ball slewing bearings, usually it is used for some higher precision applications. It is widely used in lifting transportation, construction machinery, military product, robots, medical equipment, grinding and drilling machine etc.
    Standard material we adopt is 50Mn and 42CrMo. Other customized material is also acceptable. We support models selection based on your application; teeth quenching and grinding; customized surface treatment like Blackening, phosphating, galvanizing, sandblasting and etc.

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  • High Precision Slewing Bearing For Filling Machine

    High Precision Slewing Bearing For Filling Machine

    Light series slewing bearings are usually used on filling machine, which has the same structure as ordinary slewing bearing, but it has the characteristics of lightweight, flexible rotation, compact structure and low friction. This kind of slewing ring bearing is widely used in food machinery, filling machinery, beverage machinery, blow molding machine, packaging machinery, injection molding machine, environmental protection machinery, and other fields. It is with features of low noise, high precision and high performance.
    Adhering to the international advanced management concept, we are committed to providing a complete set of bearing solutions, from raw material control, rolling element, cage and anti-rust oil, grease, bearing lathe processing, heat treatment to rough grinding and fine grinding, bearing packaging and delivery, after-sales service , installation guidance, all-round service in accordance with international standards

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  • Palletizing Robot Slewing Bearing

    Palletizing Robot Slewing Bearing

    Palletizing robot require flexible operation, accurate point position, light and fast, so they are generally used in light and precision slewing bearings. Our company has a professional production line of this kind of product, specializing in the production of such high-precision rotary bearing, which is one of our company’s main product series.
    Small slewing bearing, as a key accessory of industrial robot, is an indispensable part of it. At present, from the perspective of the development trend of robots, modern robots are developing in the direction of lighter weight, precision and intelligence, which requires the supporting slewing bearing to have a lighter structure and more advanced manufacturing and assembly processes. Usually, The installation space of the industrial robot slewing bearing is very limited, and the slewing bearing must meet the performance requirements of the robot host for the bearing capacity, stiffness, precision and friction torque of the slewing bearing in the limited installation space. It is difficult to meet this requirement by selecting standard slewing bearings, and light slewing bearings can solve this problem well. This kind of slewing bearing has the characteristics of small diameter and large number of steel balls, and can bear radial load, bidirectional axial load and overturning moment.

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