high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings

  • high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings
  • high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings
  • high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings
  • high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings
high quality customizable construction machinery slewing bearings
  • Luoyang, China
  • 45 days
  • 4000 sets/ month

The single-row four-point contact ball slewing bearing is composed of two seat rings. It has a compact structure and light weight. The steel balls are in four-point contact with the arc raceway and can withstand axial force, radial force and overturning moment at the same time. Construction machinery such as rotary conveyors, welding operators, small and medium-sized cranes and excavators can all be used.

product details

The four-point contact ball slewing bearing is a rotating bearing device composed of inner and outer rings. Inside

There are four symmetrically arranged contact balls on the ring, which can withstand radial force, axial force and tilt at the same time.

Turning force. It achieves rotary motion through the contact between balls and raceways.

1. The contact balls of the inner and outer rings are arranged symmetrically and can bear the moment and load evenly, making the support

The bearing structure is more stable;

2. The contact between the inner ring and the outer ring is made of balls and raceways, which results in small friction and flexible movement;

3. The dimensions of the inner and outer rings are designed reasonably so that the support can withstand greater loads;

4. The four-point contact ball slewing bearing is lubricated internally with grease, which is easy to maintain and has a long service life.

Long life.

Working principle of four-point contact ball slewing bearing

A contact point is formed between the balls and raceways of the four-point contact ball slewing bearing. When the outer ring is

When a moment or load is reached, the moment or load will be transmitted to the inner ring through the balls, thereby achieving

Rotary motion. Due to the symmetrical arrangement of the contact balls, the support can simultaneously withstand radial force,

Axial force and overturning force ensure the stability and safety of the equipment.

Company Profile

Luoyang Heng guan Bearing Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful Peony Flower City, known as the “Bearing Town” of China’s thirteenth ancient capital - Luoyang. Is a professional design, research and development, production, sales and service in one of the slewing bearing integrated entity enterprise. Relying on the unique advantages of Luoyang old brand bearing processing base, the company has gathered a group of experienced bearing designers and skilled first-line production workers, together with advanced production and processing equipment and testing tools, to ensure the quality of products and related services from the root. Our company mainly produces 50-10000mm diameter slewing bearing and various high precision slewing bearings, large thrust ball bearings, non-standard special-shaped bearings and other products, The accuracy covers P 0, P 6, P 5, P 4 four grades, product types include single row four-point contact ball structure, cross cylindrical roller structure, three row cylindrical roller structure. Double row ball structure, double row roller ball combination structure, thin-wall flange structure, large thrust ball structure, etc. Products are widely used in new energy, medical, recreation, automation, lifting, construction, mining, metallurgy, port, textile, shipping, environmental protection, aerospace, wind power and other fields. The company’s products are sold all over the country and exported to Europe, America, Asia and other countries and regions, and have won the approval and recognition of the vast number of users.

why choose us?

1. Quality Assurance

High grade raw material selection and strict material inspection.

The equipment can meet all the processing procedures and fully achieve production according to the drawings.

2. Reasonable Price

The price is the most favorable under the same quality.

The quality is the best under the same price.

3. Delivery Time Guarantee

Efficient production arrangement and inspection to guarantee the timely shippment 

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