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  • OEM High Precision quality custom Main Shaft Rotor Shaft gear

    The gear shaft is an important component in mechanical transmission. It transmits power and energy through the meshing of gears. torque. The gear shaft is the shaft on which the gear is installed. Its main function is to support the gear and connect the gear to the The rotational force is transmitted. The gear shaft is usually made of a long strip of metal material. Has certain strength and stiffness. The end of the gear shaft is connected to the driving device (such as a motor), The other end is connected to the driven device (such as mechanical equipment). When the drive unit rotates, by Due to the meshing effect of the gears, the rotational force of the driving wheel and the driven wheel will be transmitted along the gear shaft.

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  • Machining forged shaft turning machining step shaft bright shaft large roller shaft

    We can produce forging bright surface shaft、step shaft、spline shaft , forging roller shaft and other customized shaft according to the drawings. The material of shaft is 42 CrMo, 40CrNiMo , ect. The surface roughness can reach 0.8.

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  • Yaw Bearing For Wind Turbine Generator

    The wind turbine yaw bearing is installed at the connection between the tower and the cockpit, and the pitch bearing is installed at the connection between the root of each blade and the hub. Each wind turbine uses one set of yaw bearing and three sets of pitch bearing. The material of the yaw and pitch bearing rings is 42CrMo, the heat treatment adopts the overall quenching and tempering treatment, and the surface of the raceway is quenched. The force of yaw and pitch bearings is complex, and the impact and vibration are relatively large. Therefore, the bearing is required to withstand both impact and large load. The life of the wind turbine main engine requires 20 years, and the cost of bearing installation is relatively large, so the life of the yaw and pitch bearings is required to reach 20 years. The hardness of the bearing ring base is 240-280HB, which can withstand impact without plastic deformation. At the same time, the surface quenching hardness of the raceway reaches 55-62HRC, which can increase the contact fatigue life and ensure the service life of the bearing.

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