large ring gear

  • Custom Cast Steel 45 Ball Mill Rotary Kiln Dryer Girth Gear Wheel Large Diameter Ring Gear

    1)Selecting high-quality raw materials and strictly controlling the production process; 2) Using LF refining furnace and VD vacuum degassing furnace to ensure the internal quality of ring gear castings; 3) During the casting process, CAE simulation pouring software is used to assist the design process, so as to modify the pouring model in time , so as to better control the quality of the ring gear blank; 4) Large ring gear is fully tempered and quenched , so that it has good comprehensive mechanical properties, and has good plasticity and toughness while ensuring high strength. To provide customers with ring gear castings with high service life and high operating rate.

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    Large slewing gear teeth segment ring gear

    Segmented girth gears or large gear are used to drive large rotating systems such as dryers, rotary kilns, and horizontal mills. The flexible design concept has brought great convenience to the manufacture, transportation and assembly of the gear ring. Relying on professional program design, strong equipment processing and production capacity, and professional quality control system, we provide customers with high-precision, low-noise, high-efficiency ring gear drive solutions.

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