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  • Pitch Bearing Of Wind Turbine Generator

    The material pitch bearing rings is 42CrMo, the heat treatment adopts the overall quenching and tempering treatment, and the surface of the raceway is quenched. The force of pitch bearings is complex, and the impact and vibration are relatively large. Therefore, the bearing is required to withstand both impact and large load. The life of the wind turbine main engine is required to be 20 years, and the cost of bearing installation is relatively large, so the life of the yaw and pitch bearings is required to reach 20 years. The hardness of the bearing ring base is 240-280HB, which can withstand impact without plastic deformation. At the same time, the surface quenching hardness of the raceway reaches 55-62HRC, which can increase the contact fatigue life and ensure the service life of the bearing.

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  • Heavy Duty Slewing Bearing For Port Crane Equipment

    Port hoisting machinery generally includes portal cranes, ship unloaders, floating cranes, etc., commonly used single-row four-point ball type, three-row roller type and double-row ball type slewing ring bearings. Port cranes usually use three-row roller slewing bearings with internal or external teeth with a diameter of 4 meters to withstand high overturning moments. Our company often provides slewing bearings in this field, such as single-row ball type, 011/012.60.2000, 011/012.60.2240, 011/012.60.2500, 011/012.60.2800, 011/012.60.3150, etc., three-row roller type, etc. Slewing bearings include 131/132.45.2500, 131/132.45.2800, 131/132.50.3150, 131/132.50.3550, 131/132.50.4000, 131/132.50.4500, etc., as well as double-row ball slewing bearings 021/022.50 .2500, 021/022.50.2800, etc., are our main advantage products. If non-standard customization is required, our company can provide technical support such as selection, design, calculation, etc., you can call for details.

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