Large Thrust Ball Bearing

  • Large Thrust Ball Turntable Bearing

    Large Thrust Ball Turntable Bearing

    Large thrust ball bearings are composed of three parts: seat ring, shaft ring and steel ball cage assembly. The shaft ring is matched with the shaft and the seat ring is matched with the housing. Because it is more suitable for bearing axial load but not radial load, and the limit speed is low, the large thrust ball bearing is suitable for parts bearing one side axial load and low speed, such as crane hook, vertical water pump, Vertical centrifuges, jacks, low speed reducers, etc.
    Characteristics of large thrust ball bearings:
    1.Using ultra-clean steel that can prolong the service life of large thrust ball bearings.
    2. When selecting the type of large thrust ball bearing, in order to allow installation error, the spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or the spherical seat ring type can be selected.
    3. High lubrication technology, NSK's lubricant technology can prolong the life of grease and improve the performance of large thrust ball bearings.
    4. The steel ball is of high quality, which can make the large thrust ball bearing rotate quietly and smoothly.

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    Custom Made Non Standard Slewing Bearing

    Custom Made Non Standard Slewing Bearing

    Quality comes from details, tailored for you.
    We can customize various non-standard slewing bearings for you according to your specific requirements. Drawing or sample can be customized. Or if you have old bearing in hand, we can instruct to measure it. We have been in slewing bearing manufacturing industry for over 20 years and have undertook all kinds of non-standard products like segmental slewing bearing, special-shaped slew bearing, special structure swing bearing, stainless steel bearing with ceramic ball, double row cylindrical roller slew ring and etc. And for special working condition, we can do blackening, phosphating, galvanizing, sandblasting, nitriding and other surface treatments.
    We have experienced engineer and research team to support our implement personalized optimization design for different customers and flexible production to meet customers’ requirements.

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