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    Rotary Metallurgical Furnace Slewing Bearing

    With the development of intelligence and mechanization in the smelting industry, it provides irreplaceable huge business opportunities for the application of slewing bearings. Because it can be used in robotic arms, fully automatic intelligent robots, ladle rotary tables and other industries. Therefore, flexible mechanical equipment will become the general trend of many factories. The rotary table is composed of arm system software, fixed tower, rotating drive and other components. It is typically a light-loaded low-speed turning machine. The slewing bearing of the rotary metallurgical furnace generally uses a three-row roller structure slewing bearing. This structural product is a slewing bearing with high bearing capacity, which is mainly used in the operation with a large load. It is composed of three ferrules, the upper and lower rows of rollers are horizontally distributed, and the radial force is borne by the three rows of rollers arranged vertically, so it can bear the axial force and tilting moment from two directions. This kind of large three rower slewing bearing is our featured product with advantages of high load, high precision and long service life.

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