large spur gears

  • High Precision Large Internal Ring Gear Girth gear Metal Spur Gear With Nitriding Treatment

    Ring gear is made of 42CrMo quenched and tempered material. Module is 4.5 and teeth No. is 69. To improve the hardness of the gear, we make nitriding treatment for it. The holding temperature of the nitriding process is generally 460-600 ℃, which is a chemical heat treatment process in which active nitrogen atoms are infiltrated into the surface of the gear. After nitriding, the distortion of the gear is small, and it has higher hardness than carburizing, which can increase wear resistance, fatigue strength, anti-seizure performance, corrosion resistance and high temperature softening resistance, etc. It is widely used in automobiles and machine tools for higher requirements of wear resistance capacity.

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