crane turntable bearing

  • Heavy duty Large Turntable Bearing For Rotating Platform And Tower Crane

    Turntable bearing is with features of small friction, high limit speed, simple structure, low cost, easy to achieve high manufacturing precision. The turntable bearing can bear various loads of diameter, shaft and overturning at the same time. It has a firm structure and is especially suitable for heavy-duty machinery with large loads, such as port cranes, molten steel platforms, and shield machines. and other heavy machinery.

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  • High Performance Slewing Bearing For Crane

    Slewing bearing is an important "joint" of the crane. Various loads and moments on the working device need to be transmitted to the chassis through the slewing bearing. Because the slewing bearing is overloaded, it is also the part where the crane is prone to failure, so it is necessary to install a new slewing bearing after long-term use. Truck cranes, crawler cranes and other heavy construction cranes are usually using large single row four-point contact ball slewing ring bearing. This type of slewing bearing can bear larger axial load, radial load and tilting moment, enabling crane to lift heavy loads stably and reliably. To improve the manufacturing accuracy and working life of the slewing bearing, we focus on the heat treatment process, raceway quenching to prevent quenching cracks on the surface of the raceway. For high precision products, precise grinding is used to effectively control the parameters of ring ellipse, wall thickness and flatness, so as to ensure that the precision of finished products meets the requirements of standards or customer drawings. So our slewing bearings are with features of high precision, long working life and durable to use.

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