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    1.A spur gear is a simple gear with parallel teeth and a gear axis. It is used to transmit power between parallel shafts. Spur gears are primarily used to reduce speed and increase torque. Spur gears have the advantages of simple design, easy manufacturing, low cost, high efficiency, and can achieve various transmission ratios, but the disadvantage is that they are noisy. Helical gears have teeth that are inclined to the axis of the gear. For the same tooth width, helical gears have longer teeth than spur gears. Therefore, more power can be transferred between parallel shafts than with spur gears. The advantages of helical gears are higher load carrying capacity and contact ratio compared to spur gears. Smoother and quieter than spur gears. and have good accuracy levels. The disadvantage of helical gears is that they are less efficient compared to spur gears. The helix angle also increases the axial thrust on the shaft. 2.Our company can produce different type pinion gears such as spur gear, helical gear, worm gear according to the customer's drawing and requirements. Our product is highly appreciated amongst customers for its dimensional accuracy, excellent strength and high performance. Teeth quenching, teeth grinding and surface treatment like oxide, nitriding, sandblasting are also available.

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