large spur gear shaft

  • Customizable large spur gear shaft Forged roll shaft transmission shaft

    1.The gear shaft is an important component in mechanical transmission. It transmits power and energy through the meshing of gears. torque. The gear shaft is the shaft on which the gear is installed. Its main function is to support the gear and connect the gear to the The rotational force is transmitted. The gear shaft is usually made of a long strip of metal material. Has certain strength and stiffness. The end of the gear shaft is connected to the driving device (such as a motor), The other end is connected to the driven device (such as mechanical equipment). When the drive unit rotates, by Due to the meshing effect of the gears, the rotational force of the driving wheel and the driven wheel will be transmitted along the gear shaft. 2.1.Our company has many years of manufacturing and production experience, complete equipment, and a professional technical team. We have cooperated with many new and old customers at home and abroad for many times. We can design and produce according to the required drawings provided by customers to meet customer needs. We also have one-to-one service, please believe us. If you have needs, you can find out first. Customers are welcome to consult.

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