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    1.Forging refers to a workpiece or blank obtained by forging and deforming a metal billet. Forging can use pressure on metal billets to cause plastic deformation and alter their mechanical properties. Forging can eliminate metal porosity. Holes improve the mechanical properties of forgings. Forgings have the following uses: ① General industrial forgings refer to civil industries such as machine tool manufacturing, agricultural machinery, agricultural tool manufacturing, and bearing industry. ② Forgings for hydroelectric generators, such as main shafts and intermediate shafts. ③ Forgings used in thermal power plants, such as rotors, impellers, retaining ring spindles, etc. ④ Metallurgical machinery, such as cold rolling rolls, hot rolling rolls, and herringbone gear shafts. ⑤ Forgings for pressure vessels, such as cylinder bodies, kettle ring flanges, and heads. ⑥ Shipboard forgings, such as crankshafts, tail shafts, steering rods, thrust shafts, and intermediate shafts. ⑦ Forging machinery equipment, such as hammer heads, hammer rods, hydraulic press columns, cylinder bodies, wheel axle press columns, and cylinder bodies, etc 2.Our company has many years of manufacturing and production experience, a professional technical team and complete machinery and equipment, as well as a professional after-sales business line, one-on-one service, and quality assurance. We have cooperated with many new and old customers both domestically and internationally multiple times. Please trust us and welcome you to inquire

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