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  • Factory specialized customization of bevel gears

    1.Bevel gears are used to transmit motion and power between two intersecting axes. In general machinery, the intersection angle between the two axes of bevel gears is equal to 90° (but it may not be equal to 90°). Similar to cylindrical gears, bevel gears have indexing cones, tip cones, root cones and base cones. The cone has a big end and a small end, and the circles corresponding to the big end are called the graduation circle (its radius is r), the tooth tip circle, the tooth root circle and the base circle. The movement of a pair of bevel gears is equivalent to pure rolling of a pair of pitch cones. 2.Our company has many years of manufacturing and production experience, complete equipment, and a professional technical team. We have cooperated with many new and old customers at home and abroad for many times. We can design and produce according to the required drawings provided by customers to meet customer needs. We also have a pair of First-class service, please believe us. If you have needs, you can find out first. Customers are welcome to consult.

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