How to prevent quenching cracks in slewing bearing raceway?


                         How to prevent quenching cracks in slewing bearing raceway?

Slewing bearings are widely used in large slewing devices in engineering, mining, wind power generation, petroleum, chemical and other industries. They can drive machines and operate in a certain way. The track structure of the slewing bearing is the key to ensure the normal operation during its operation. The track of the slewing bearing is made by quenching. Today, I will tell you how to prevent quenching cracks in the slewing bearing raceway.

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How to prevent quenching cracks in slewing bearing raceway

1. Select a reasonable quenching method

According to the structure, characteristics, technical requirements, structural design status and workers' quality of the rotary table bearing, the correct and reasonable selection of quenching method can greatly reduce or avoid quenching crack accidents.

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2. Reasonably arrange the process line

Once the material, structure and technical conditions of the slewing bearing are determined, the process personnel shall conduct process analysis to determine a reasonable process line. Properly arrange the sequence of preparation, heat treatment and heat treatment. This is the main effective way to prevent rail cracking tendency after heat treatment.

3. Properly determine heating parameters

In the heat treatment production of slewing bearing track, improper heating is the main factor that causes the cracking of quenched slewing bearing raceway. Therefore, heating parameters such as heating medium, heating speed, heating temperature and holding time should be correctly selected and designed.

4. Other measures to prevent quenching cracks

Tempering in time after quenching, and local binding of thin-walled parts with complex shapes can also effectively prevent cracks.

5. Selection of quenching medium

The selection of quenching medium shall comprehensively consider the quenching method of slewing bearing, including quenching bath solution, stirring speed, flow direction and solution concentration. And the characteristics of the slewing bearing, the chemical composition of the steel used, the section size, geometric shape, surface roughness and surface state of the workpiece, and the arrangement and density of the raceway during quenching.

There are so many contents about how to prevent quenching cracks in the slewing bearing raceway. I hope to help you! Whether the slewing bearing can operate normally is the key to prevent quenching cracks!

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