Two Seat Welding Positioner Slewing Bearing Is Assembled Successfully

This equipment is a two-seat welding positioner, the middle span is 14 meters long, there is a certain eccentric load angle when bearing the load, the slewing bearing needs to be installed straight, two sets of slewing bearings, and the concentricity must be good, the slewing Smooth performance is high. According to the above requirements of customers, our designers provide the outer diameter of about 1.6 meters, the tooth accuracy of 7, the surface runout within 5 wires, the clearance control within 10 wires, and the overall steel cage is used to ensure the stability of the rotation. After confirming the order, our company arranged the blanking and production in time, and purchased ring forging from large forging manufacturers that have cooperated for many years to ensure the stability of material performance and quality from the source; and strictly control and inspect each process in the production process to ensure the finished product. of good quality and high precision. After a tense 45-day production rush, our company delivered the products to customers on schedule with guaranteed quality and quantity.

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